Our members periodically send in photos or written tips to the webmaster.  Here is where you will find the ones that are posted.

December 14, 2020

James Melone sent the following picture and note:


This is the note that was included:

Here's a photo with a suggestion for anyone planning a future layout. The caption on the photo sums up the idea.

Maybe about 20 years ago when the NWV was in the basement at River Road, they invited the members of the Champlain Valley chapter, NRHS, to visit their layout.  One item that I really liked was the idea of placing the staging yard under the layout.

In my case, the top level (which has yet to be started in this photo) was to be Maybrook yard and it was to be my railroad's connection to the outside world.  Back in 2006 I took photos of the construction and this is actually the first train I ran into what would become Maybrook yard.

The track plan for the lower level was inspired by the old Brooklyn East District Terminal yard in Brooklyn, NY.  I have seen a photo of another yard like this at a tank car repair and cleaning facility.  Apparently, this maximizes car storage.  But on my layout, it proved unpractical so it was later rebuilt into a conventional yard with a throat.



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