We are a group of railroad modelers who share a common interest in learning how to make realistic models, studying how railroads operated throughout history, getting out to watch trains and getting to know one another. Some of us have train layouts, some of us focus on building realistic models of structures, railroad equipment or scenes of interest and others just want to learn more about our fascinating hobby from each other. Except for one county in southwestern Vermont, our division covers the State of Vermont. Most of our members live in the northwestern corner of the state near Lake Champlain but there are a fair number who live in the eastern and southern sections of the state. Most of our meetings have been held in the Burlington, VT area.

We do not model a particular scale. Model railroading encompasses a range of sizes. The smallest commercial size is Z scale, whose locomotives are 220 times smaller than a full sized locomotive running on the railroads of the world. The track spacing of Z scale trains is only ”. Most modelers in the GMD pick larger scales, with HO being the most popular with a ratio of 87:1. The track spacing of HO trains is just over ”. G scale (Garden) railroads run with a track spacing near 1 ” but we also have folks who ride on their models with a track spacing of 7 ”. Regardless of the scale, the modeling techniques that we learn are useful and can be shared with everyone in the hobby.

This is a volunteer organization. The only way to join our organization is to become a member of the NMRA, of which we are one of the chapters. Our division is operated by volunteers who are NMRA members and we aim to provide a worthwhile model railroading experience for those who live where we live. The bylaws of our division can be viewed by clicking here.

We would love to have you visit us, get to know us and learn what we can do together for the hobby. Our goal is to help each of us learn the art of model railroading and to make it as enjoyable for as we can. We invite you to check us out.

Additional information about the Green Mountain Division that is not on this web site can be obtained by sending an email to the division Superintendent, Chris Carfaro, at nmragmd@gmail.com.


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